Foundation Drains in Meredith and Laconia NH

Drainage system problems cost homeowners millions of dollars every year. If you can control the water and properly waterproof your foundation, you can prevent some serious damage as well as help maintain structural stability and, in truth, the very integrity of your home. However, Before you have any type of foundation repair and waterproofing done, you need to make sure that suitable drainage is in place. let us examine the meaning of foundation drainage.

Foundation drainage is just a system that is designed to divert water away from a foundation, plain and simple.
No matter which waterproofing treatment is applied on the foundation, drainage solutions are an absolute must. If this system is not in place, water can easily overwhelm the foundation. There is a simple fact you should remember: water can only be diverted, it cannot be stopped.

Outside of direct and heavy rains, underground water as well as roof run-offs are the major contributors to a wet basement. Properly constructed foundation drainage involves some simple techniques but be aware it is a very physically taxing job. The exact time and effort required for installation will vary widely depending upon the size of the home’s foundation and the amount of the incoming water.

The first thing you need for good foundation drainage is having a proper slope around your house. Usually a slope of one inch per foot is adequate for a distance of five to six feet However, homeowners must ensure that there is no stagnating water s within ten feet of a foundation. The earth around the house must also be compacted, so that the soil is “tight” to ensure that the slope will not deteriorate over time.
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