Foundation Planting in Meredith and Gilford NH

Foundation planting arrangements are only limited by your imagination. They can be anything you want them to be, and you can use any plants that you would like. You honestly only need to consider what you want to accomplish and any purpose the planting should serve. Designs that are simple can guide you in your planning. Take a close look at your home all the way around. Determine what you would like to accent or enhance, then identify the areas that need softening, and other items that you might like to hide from view.

An important aspect of foundation plantings in cold climates is in insulating and providing wind protection, (especially with a cement block foundation). Foundation planting can also cover less than appealing block walls. Gardeners in the north may tire of arborvitae or Yew, but evergreens are naturally dense and do the best job of protecting and insulating from cold winds. If you allow some space between an evergreen planting and your foundation. it creates dead air space that adds to the insulating benefits, and reduces heating and cooling costs. While The benefit is somewhat minimal, it all helps. Evergreens can also create a perfect backdrop for colorful blooms and shrubs.

In warm regions, foundation plantings can be a strictly ornamental look, which creates a transition between the home and the property. If you don’t have an unappealing foundation to cover, then the plantings can be minimal. The h Plantings can be scaled to the home and limited to being purely decorative plants, which include perennials and annuals.

Foundation plantings do multiple beneficial things for your garden . They add “curb appeal”, and can create a welcoming feeling. They anchor the structure of your house to the surrounding landscape. They create a nice transition between the home’s structure and the lawn. They unify the home a total property design. Having a curved bed at any angled intersections of concrete (such as driveways and walkways) softens the lines, and draws attention to the entryway of the home

In traditional settings, shrubs were planted along a house wall to cover up the raised concrete foundation that was prevalent at the time in certain regions. The thinking today is many homeowners no longer feel there is a need to install these shrubs, because of how much home styles have changed. There’s actually less house foundation today that would need to be hidden. Some modern designers now choose to install an entryway planting and a corner planting only. Many feel that there is no need to bridge the gap that is between these.

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