French Drains in Meredith and Gilford NH

The basic principle of French Drains are to provide water the path of least resistance to follow instead of water building up and then flooding the soil. This can be achieved with a perforated hollow drainage pipe that can collect and then carry the water from the yard to a specific drainage location (like a wastewater drain or a rain bucket).

This drainage pipe is wrapped in a water permeable fabric that prevents weeds, dirt, and other debris from clogging the perforations in the pipe. On top of this, the pipe is then covered with several layers of stones or gravel. When you replace the soil with stones or gravel, you are helping the water flow down into a drainage pipe because it is considerably easier for water to pass through the large gaps provided by packed stone, than it is for the water to pass through the densely packed soil.

Each individual aspect of French Drains has been designed to make it easier for the water to flow down from the surface, continue through the stones, (through the unobstructed perforations), and into the hollow drainage pipe. The drainage pipe should be set at an angle so that when the water enters through the pipe it immediately flows away from the home, and this prevents water build-up and flooding.

Before one decides to start trenching the yard, it is important to understand how a French drain system can be beneficial, and also how it can help to improve common problems that are caused by excess groundwater, heavy rain, and melting of ice and snow.

A “weeping tile” or interior French drain can be very useful in protecting the basement from recurring floods which can lead to serious damage of the foundation. “Weeping tiles” are a kind of exterior French drain that should be installed around the perimeter of the home to draw water away from the foundation. This procedure reduces the hydrostatic pressure on the foundation, which gives the water an alternate path to follow besides being forced through the cracks in the foundation wall.

Do keep in mind that if you don’t use a water permeable fabric to wrap around the drainage pipe, the water will not be able to enter the pipe, so the flooding situation will continue. All materials used in the installation needs to help improve the flow of the water, if not, the French Drains will become ineffective.

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