Gravel Driveway in Meredith and Laconia NH

With the proper maintenance and care, a gravel driveway can actually last up to 100 years!. The real beauty of gravel is that it can be replenished and repaired on an as-needed basis. In stark contrast, damage and wear to both asphalt and concrete driveways are fairly difficult to remedy and the replacement is often more cost effective than doing extensive repairs.
Homeowners often ask us who is the best candidate to get a gravel driveway, and we tell them that Gravel driveways work best for homes that are in a in rural areas, but sometimes they even work in urban areas. It does helps to have a buffer zone around your gravel driveway to help capture those inevitable pieces of stray gravel.

Gravel tends to be far less vulnerable to damage from seasonal freeze thaw cycles, or (frost heaves), which can produce significant cracking and splitting in solid driveway materials like asphalt and concrete.

If your property has been prone to movement or if you have trees with large roots, gravel driveways are the answer. They are both flexible and are extremely accommodating. Home owners Owners with large properties many times prefer gravel driveways over concrete or even asphalt, because it is so cost effective.

One caveat, however. Cold climate properties that need frequent snowplowing do not work as well for gravel driveways because the snow plows, unfortunately tends to scrape up the gravel as well.

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