Hydroseeding in Meredith and Gilford NH

Hydroseeding is the combining of seed, mulch, fertilizer, and other healthy soil additives with water. This all gets mixed in a Hydroseeder tank which forms a thick slurry. This slurry is then applied with pressure to the ground surface to encourage turf development and seed germination.

Hydroseeding is known as the fastest and most cost effective (as well as highest quality), method of seeding a lawn, The created slurry is applied with pressure either with a hose or tower onto the soil to create the ideal environment for growth. Grass should start to grow within 7 days, and the well-established new lawn will be evident within 3-4 weeks time.

You’ll find that the seed will germinate quickly after it is in the mulch. It then takes root in the soil. If you have a daily watering schedule, there is actually little chance of the sprouted seed drying out and dying before it has had a chance to take root – which is often the case when grass seed is just spread on top of the soil.

In general, there are 2 six week windows during the cooler times of year to establish grass seed. You can broadcast seed successfully in the spring between the periods of Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. You can also have success in the fall between Labor Day and Halloween. One big benefit of Hydroseeding, is that the hydroseeding process itself extends the season because the fiber mulch will protect the germinating seed from a burning sun and also the frost in late fall. As long as the irrigation requirements have been met met, a lawn that has been hydroseeded will grow any at time between mid April and mid November.

NH DIRT PROS are experts in this service and have a high end Hydroseeder just waiting to give you an exquisite new lawn!

● It’s a money-saver. The cost to hydroseed is only a fraction of your cost to lay sod.
● A lawn that is hydroseeded requires less water than your typical sodded lawn
● When sod is getting harvested,sometimes the roots are cut too short and the sod job can fail.
● The labor that is involved  is far less than the labor of laying sod
● Sod needs proper installation. Sod that is poorly done can fail

● It reduces labor costs because it is a one step process
● Hydroseed does not have weed seed in it, but straw does
● Straw can clump or blow off and it needs to be raked off once the lawn is finally
● It costs less than dry seeding , but is still considered a premium way to seed.

FAQ about Hydroseeding

What should I do to prepare areas that will be hydroseeded ?

Preparing the area is the same as it would be if installing sod or traditional
seeding. Preparing the ground is an important step in the Hydroseeding
process. Existing weeds should be removed, excessive vegetation may be
removed by using Round Up . We recommend applying this product 7
days before Hydroseed Installation.Make sure that the top soil is clear of any debris, and if needed, you can add new Top soil.

We recommend around 4 to 5 inches of new Top soil if needed. Next step would be to level the area out, rake the surface, and then use a roller to lightly compact the area tocreate an ideal surface for Hydroseed.

Can I Hydroseed over an existing Lawn ?

Yes, you can Hydroseed over an existing Lawn. We recommend these few
steps to prep the area prior to Hydroseeding: Cut the existing Lawn low and
bag your grass clippings. If your Lawn has thick areas, we also recommend
dethatching the lawn prior to Hydroseed Installation. This creates areas for
Hydroseed to settle into existing lawn and promotes better growth.

Can I walk on my Hydroseed ?
Yes, but we recommend you only walk on Hydroseed during the watering process, being careful not to disturb the mulch surface.

Will Hydroseed harm our Pets ?
No, all products used are safe to our environment and our pets.


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