Lawn Aeration in Meredith and Laconia NH

Bottom lines with lawns is “good soil means good drainage,” and grass needs oxygen if it is going to grow well, If the soil around your home is hard and compacted, the growth of your lawn can be completely stifled. This kind of soil does not allow nutrients or water to get down to the roots where it is critically needed. You can help the soil breathe by “aerating” it. This simply means that you create air pockets in the soil so the grass can breathe. The best timeframe to do this is during the growing season, because then the grass can recover and receive the benefit of the aeration.

The best time to do this is Spring and Fall. The most basic way to do this if you have a small area, is with a garden fork. You push the fork into the soil, and wiggle it to create wider openings. Gaps are created by the solid prongs, which then allows air, nutrients, and water in.

There are other tools on the market which puncture the soil, and actually removes little plugs of soil so the holes are deeper and wider.

When the area you are tackling is extensive, you can either hire a machine called a corer (which does the trick, but involves a lot of work) or you can hire a professional lawn care company who will save you hours of labor.

NH DIRT PROS are based out of Meredith NH and are experts at lawn aeration. They have the knowledge and equipment to get the project done in a timely fashion, They cover much of the Lakes Region, and would love to talk to you about whatever issues you are having

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