The “Thatch” is a layer on top of your lawn with dead roots, dead grass, stems,and other plant material that has not yet decomposed, so when you’re dethatching, you are essentially removing this unwanted layer.
grass dethatcherThe process can be done manually with a specially designed “Dethatching rake”, or you can use an electric dethatching machine
The dethatching machine, {also known as a lawn scarifier) looks a lot like your traditional lawn mower, but has specially shaped blades underneath that cut away at the dead grass, roots and other unwanted debris
Why do we need to remove this layer of plant material? The main purpose of dethatching is to ensure that your lawn gets enough carbon dioxide.

This is very important because it will not only sustain the health of your existing roots, but it also stimulates new growth as well. Another important benefit of dethatching is in how it allows water to get to the root system.
It is recommended you have your lawn dethached at least once a year. When you remove the layer of debris from your existing lawn, and allow water and plant nutrients to leech deep into your grass bed, you will be rewarded with a lush and vibrant lawn

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