Lawn Fertilization in Meredith and Laconia NH

The beautiful lawns you come across in your travels is oftentimes not the result of nature, but has more likely been carefully planned and nurtured by a landscaping company. Lawn fertilizer is, and has always been, an important part of that creation process. You,(or your landscaper) will need to choose the right lawn fertilizer for your specific needs. This proper choice begins with knowing what the nutrients are that are currently in your soil. This will be determined by the tried and true soil test.

Lawns that are just not regularly fertilized have to completely rely on what is in the soil for whatever nutrients it will receive. Unfortunately, the soil around the majority of homes these days, as you are probably aware of, is not that good. After a home is built, contractors are rarely concerned with the quality of the soil in the front and backyard.

NH DIRT PROS are long experienced at lawn fertilization and other aspects of property landscaping. They offer many valuable services to homeowners in Meredith and the surrounding Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Why not arrange a no-obligation meeting with Shawn today and get the ball rolling!

Our Lawn Aeration service will keep your lawn healthy! Lawn Aeration Services

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