Lawn Mowing in Meredith and Laconia NH

According to the landscaping experts, it is vitally important for the health of the grass to mow your lawn on a consistent basis, and ideally not to exceed one week in between mowings.

If you let your lawn grow too long between mowings, when it’s cut you will be dealing with a dead grass buildup which is known as Thatch (See De-Thatching your Lawn) A thick thatch layer is not good for your lawn, because it can choke your lawn and not allow water, fertilizer and other nutrients to get down into the soil and it never reaches the roots of the new grass.

Sometimes, you’ll create thatch because the blades on your lawn mower or mulcher are not sharp, and the mulching action (which chops everything into fine pieces), is less than effective

Bottom line, mow often with sharp blades for the best care of your lawn

DIRT PROS NH offers a lawn mowing service using high-end professional commercial equipment, so you will get a great result on a consistent basis. You’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that your lawn and property are getting exactly what they need to look awesome!. Call Shawn at (603) 387-9902 for a free consultation and estimate.

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