Dirt Road Repair

To maintain a  stretch of dirt road ( regardless of if you’re  using  hand tools or heavy machinery} there are three main objectives to be aware of: controling the water that flows around the road, filling in the ruts, and removing any obstacles.

Water is your worst enemy but truly understanding the insidiousness of water erosion and the possible remedies accomplished with road grading takes a definite expertise – Understanding the formulas for outsloping,  downgrades, grade dips, and grade rises, creating ditches, filling in ruts and the like, is best left to a professional who deals with these issues everyday,

Removing obstacles from a dirt road and filling in ruts is less technical, but must still be done correctly in order to be effective.

Gravel Road Repair

Gravel Road repair can also be a technical challenge if you’re unfamiliar with equipment like Skid Sheers Harley Rakes etc,

Many homeowners who have a gravel road will often seek out professional help with fixing potholes which is a common problem with gravel roads. Once again, employing workers who understand crushed rock, crushed stone, clay etc. is a big plus in getting the job done right.

Just knowing when to do gravel road repair can mean the difference in whether your finished job feels like packed concrete or looks like a soft muddy mess

Sometimes Road erosion is a major issue, and requires the installation of drainage runoffs and other critically situated piping. That’s when it’s time to call in the experts

If you need any Post Hole Digging done, we can help you with any project you have

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