Sod installation in Meredith and Gilford NH

The many advantages of having a SOD Lawn installed

A sod lawn gives you an “instant” lawn. The greatest benefit to sodding is in knowing there is virtually no wait time in being able in to enjoy a beautiful green yard. When you sod, you are getting a big head start on the season and you’ll be able be to enjoy your lawn for other activities like playing and entertaining. A seeded or sprigged yard involves a considerable amount of time to grow in (sometimes up to 18 months), and during this time, your yard will look barren and unattractive. Sod is usually ready for heavy activity only after two weeks. This allows it to be a fast lawn option that will add to the immediate beauty of your home’s outdoor space.

Once your sod lawn has been installed, it requires less irrigation. Sod that is newly planted should typically be watered 2x a day for the first two weeks. On the other hand, seeding a lawn can require up to 4 waterings or more per day to help irrigate the ground with the necessary moisture that is required for ideal seed germination. This, unfortunately, can be both costly and time consuming.

Sod creates a denser lawn. When you sod, pieces fit tightly together tso get an, lush lawn. There will be no bare spots in a sodded yard that you might see in a seeded lawn, which requires extra work, like reseeding.

Sod helps prevent soil erosion. Sod installation, (because it is fully mature), controls dust, erosion, and mud, and Sodded turfgrass is a fast, excellent filter of the dirt and dust from your home.

Turfgrass sod is grown by professional farmers, and their products give your lawn a strong foundation for beauty and health. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to grow a premium product. turfgrass is usually grown on the best soils using state of the art growing and maintenance techniques. Don’t deal with the hassle of trying to seed, plug, or spring a lawn. Contact the experts at NH Dirt Pros and have them Install an instant weed free, pest free,and healthy lawn!

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