Tree Stump Grinding in Meredith and Center Harbor NH

The standard procedure for stump grinding is as follows: once the tree has been cut to the ground level, the stump is then removed using a stump grinder which has a sharp cutting wheel. The stump is ground down into small pieces. (These small pieces can be used as ground cover or mulch).

After the stump is ground down using the grinder ( until it is a 3-5inches inches below the ground), the area is covered by dirt, After a period of time, this area will decay along with the roots surrounding it, and the lawn will grow well there in the future

The typical stump grinder uses a cutter wheel with fixed Carbide teeth. The movements of the cutter wheel are controlled by the unit’s hydraulic cylinders which push the cutter head laterally through the tree stump and also to raise and lower it.

While you can rent stump grinders at rental businesses, Stump grinding is best performed by a qualified landscaper or arborist. The work can be taxing and you need to take safety precautions

NH DIRT PROS have extensive experience in Landscaping  and know all aspects of stump grinding. Let the pros do it!


If you want the tree stump completely removed, we can do that. Check out Tree Stump Removal service

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