Tree Stump Removal in Meredith and Center Harbor NH

Sometimes, cutting down a tree can seem like a major project, but it’s actually quite straightforward when you compare it to removing a stump.

Tree Stump removal is much more involved, which is why companies generally don’t include it in the cost of the actual tree removal. It’s also why you can see so many homeowners with those ugly old stumps in their yards.

Stump removal is not easy, but it can be a DIY project, using certain techniques, but you’ll have to make your own judgment on whether you’d rather hire NH Dirt Pros to do it for you

When you’ve gone through the trouble of having a tree removed, it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to just leave the stump sitting there. A few of the better reasons to remove the stumps from your yard include:

They are really Eyesores – No one likes looking out into the yard to see old stumps sticking up through the landscape, and when weeds and other plants start growing on/around them, they look even worse, which will inevitably happen over time.
They Take Up Space – Most homeowners want the clearest and widest yards possible, and with stumps here and there, you don’t get clear space.
Stumps can be hazardous – Some stumps are very obvious, but there are others that get camouflaged by weeds, grass and other plants and they become tripping hazards.

Do you really want to get involved in using a chainsaw, digging bar, axe, shovel, 4 wheel drive truck and chains…and what if you have 3 stumps? (or 10!)…We didn’t think so.

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