Tree Planting in Meredith and Laconia NH

There are many wonderful benefits to planting trees around your landscape. Trust the experience and attention to detail that NH Dirt Pros of Meredith NH brings to every project They can create any configuration you want.

Trees can be valuable in conservation management. Properly placed tree cover in urban areas can save millions of dollars for cities annually in stormwater management, air purification, and energy conservation costs.

Trees provide oxygen for people. One days’ worth of oxygen for a family of 4 is provided by just one single tree.

Trees can save you money. Properly placed tree cover in urban areas can save millions of dollars for cities annually in air purification, stormwater management costs, and energy conservation

Trees can replace power plants!? Fifty million well placed shade trees have the potential to eliminate the need for 7 100megawatt power plants.

Trees can eliminate emissions. If a tree can absorb 1 ton of carbon over its lifespan, that is like eliminating 11,000 miles of auto emissions.

Trees are a purifier. Planting one acre of trees has the ability to remove an amazing five tons of carbon dioxide as well as up to thirteen tons of other gasses and particles annually. A single tree can absorb up to one ton of carbon over its’ 40-year life span.

Trees are natural coolants. One matured tree has the same cooling power as fifteen room-size air conditioners.

Trees are stress reducers. According to scientific studies, the sight of trees can reduce people’s blood pressure, and when children were exposed to trees, they felt less stressed. It is said rivers who can see trees feel less frustrated.

Trees Help Fight Carbon Emissions If a tree absorbs 1 ton of carbon over its lifespan, it’s like erasing 11,000 miles of car emissions.

Trees are energy savers. Trees that are carefully positioned, can save twenty-five to thirty percent of energy consumption. The most beneficial tree in this situation, is the Deciduous tree. They are the ideal for energy savings because they provide shade in the warm months but let the sun light shine through in the cooler months.

Trees are ideal Stormwater Filters 100 mature trees can catch up to 100,000 gallons of rainfall each year, which reduces runoff and filters water
10. Trees are Peacemakers

Trees are natural noise barriers. According to the state university in North Carolina, a well-placed tree can block noise by up to forty percent

Let us give trees the credit they so much deserve. Taking diligent care of your trees now will allow you to enjoy their beautiful contributions for many years to come.

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